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Frequently Asked Questions

Blanket Types

Here at Dargle Design, we make 8 types of blankets:


  • Ecru – 100% ecru cotton chenille
  • Honeycomb – 50% ecru cotton chenille 50% cotton
  • Alpine pink – 50% ecru cotton chenille 50% pink linen viscose
  • Flint – 50% ecru cotton chenille 50% black linen
  • Denim – 50% ecru cotton chenille 50% blue cotton chenille
  • Chocolate – 50% ecru cotton chenille 50% brown cotton chenille
  • Plaid (large only) ecru cotton chenille with navy and brown cotton chenille plaid pattern
  • Pearl (baby only)- 50% ecru cotton chenille 50& pearl viscose

Blanket Sizes


  • Large blankets 178cm x 150cm (70” x 60”)
  • Baby blankets are ¼ size of large blankets 80cm x 68cm (32” x 27”)

Personalisation Options for Blankets

When placing your order you’ll be able to add:

  • A name
  • A Date
  • Select the colour and font for the embroidery of name and date
  • Select the colour of trim (for a baby blanket)
  • Add any extra details such as stars or hearts and choose a colour
  • Don’t worry about making a wrong decision while customising your blanket in our online shop. We carefully check all the designs before embroidering. The vast majority are perfect but if we spot anything that looks out of place we will contact you before threading the needle to make sure everything is as it should be.

Need a little help from Dargle Design?

If you find there are too many choices and would like some help designing your blanket, we’d be happy to help. Simply enter some basic details into our Describe Your Blanket page, maybe even upload an image to help illustrate your idea and then we’ll do the rest! We will contact you with our idea before threading the needle or embroidering anything so you won’t be stuck with anything that you don’t like.

Feel free to email us directly at info@dargledesign.ie or call (086) 831 2774.


Shipping Info


  • Baby blanket to Ireland – €4.40
  • Large blanket to Ireland – €8.25
  • Baby blanket to UK – €5.50
  • Large blanket to UK – €10.75
  • Baby blanket to rest of the world – €7
  • Large blanket to rest of the world – €12

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