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Welcome to Dargle Design.  Based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, we design & create beautiful blankets & baby blankets for a range of special occasions.

Each blanket is personalized to your specifications & makes a wonderful, memorable gift – a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.

We make 8 Types of Blanket

All have one thing in common, the warp. The warp holds the fabric together – it is the scaffolding.

For all blankets the warp is ecru (unbleached) 100% cotton chenille.

The variations are created by using a different thread in the weft

  • Ecru Blanket has no contrast, it is 100% unbleached ecru cotton chenille
  • Denim Blanket 50% denim blue cotton chenille, 50% ecru cotton chenille.
  • Chocolate Blanket 50% chocolate brown cotton chenille, 50% ecru cotton chenille
  • Alpine Pink Blanket 50% pink linen, 50% ecru cotton chenille
  • Flint Blanket 50% black linen, 50% ecru cotton chenille
  • Honeycomb Blanket 50% champagne coloured cotton thread, 50% ecru cotton chenille.
  • Plaid Blanket (large only) ecru cotton chenille with navy and brown cotton chenille plaid pattern
  • Pearl Blanket (baby only) 50% light shimmer viscose thread, 50% ecru cotton chenille.
Why Blankets?

We have always loved being creative with beautiful yarns and textiles. Back in the 80s we had lots of fun designing and making chunky sweaters … They had bobbles, can you picture them?!


After that we bought some 200 year old looms and made scarves of all sorts of colours and textures. We enjoyed making scarves but after we had used up all the crazy colours of yarn we weren’t that keen on another round.


In the meantime we created our 8 types of Dargle blanket to use up our chenille supplies. We had a LOT of chenille.


Finally we had discovered the ideal use for this beautiful soft and warm yarn which has always been our favorite. Because it is 100% cotton which has been heated and twisted to make it super soft and warm it is perfect for blankets. It makes a tactile blanket which has weight and texture to keep it in place on knees and shoulders.


Since 2009 we have been happily customising our blankets here in Co. Wicklow. We love love seeing all your creative and beautiful designs come to life and getting to be a small part of special occasions all around the world.

Our blankets are woven from pure cotton chenille.

Chenille-type yarn has been produced since the 18th century and is believed to have originated in France.


The technique transforms ordinary cotton into beautiful soft and fluffy yarn which was originally used to make warm shawls.


Tufts of coloured wool were woven together into a blanket that was then cut into strips.  The strips were then heated with rollers in order to create the fluffy exterior.  This resulted in a very soft, cuddly fabric named chenille.

Nowadays, chenille yarn is manufactured by placing short lengths of yarn, called ‘pile’, between two ‘core yarns’ and then twisting the yarn together.  The edges of these piles then stand at right angles to the yarn’s core, giving chenille both its softness and its characteristic look.


This technique creates a fantastically soft and warm natural fabric which makes beautiful and elegant blankets.


Chenille can be made using acrylic, rayon and olefin but we only ever use 100% cotton for our blankets.

Create Your Own Dargle Design

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